Thursday, 6 October 2011

Olympic Capital Legacy Fund: Latest News

Dear Supporter

I have just heard that following the application from the Camberwell Baths Campaign, the Olympic Capital Legacy Funding Panel has recommended that the Sports Hall (now to be known as the Olympic Hall) should receive £490K from the fund! The decision will now go forward for approval to Southwark Council (specifically Cllr Livingstone).

Matched with the £500K from Southwark Council's capital programme, that means that we will have reached our target for total refurbishment of the Olympic Hall.

We cannot celebrate just yet as the decision has not been ratified by Southwark Council, but should be in about 2 weeks.

Please find below the link to the full report on the Olympic Capital Legacy Bid. I have also taken out some of the key points for you:

Ten projects are recommended for full or part award. These are:

§ Bethwin Road Playground’s bid for a multi use games area in Bethwin Road

for £95K

§ Southwark Tennis Club’s bid for support for a BMX Track for Burgess Park

for £150K

§ The Camberwell Baths Campaign’s bid for a further phase of refurbishment

to the Camberwell Leisure Centre Sports Hall for £490K

§ Herne Hill Velodrome Trust’s bid for a contribution towards refurbishment of

the Herne Hill Velodrome track for £400K

§ Athenlay Football Club’s bid for a Sports Ground Development in Homestall

Road for £175k

§ Peckham Town Football Club’s bid for an Outdoor disability multi-sports court

for £85K

§ Fusion’s bid for a disability Pool Hoist for the Peckham Pulse Healthy Living

Centre for £5.6K

§ The parks and open spaces’ service bid for upgrading the Peckham Rye

pitches & changing rooms for £200K

§ The sports services’ bid for a contribution towards the redevelopment of the

Southwark Park Sports complex for £370K

§ Trinity in Camberwell’s bid for an outdoor sports area in Camberwell for £30K

The Camberwell Baths Campaign’s bid for a further phase of refurbishment to

the Camberwell Leisure Centre Sports Hall is a community driven proposal that

upgrades a significantly under used facility located in an area of high demand. 5

The sports hall forms the final phase in the wider refurbishment of the leisure

centre and would greatly increase usable space. The bid offers minimum risk

with achievable and realistic costs that afford good value for money. The board

felt that this bid would afford a strong legacy and would very likely improve

access to and participation in sport. For this reason, this project is recommended

to be funded to 99% of the amount applied for.

Four projects are not recommended to be funded. These are:

• London Southbank University’s (LSBU) bid for a new entrance to the LSBU

sports centre for £309.5K

• The Peckham Settlement’s bid for a new ‘Southwark run training facility’ in

the Peckham Settlement for £70K

• Sustrans’ bid for the ‘Connect2’ and ‘South Bermondsey Link’ projects for


• Tideways Sailability’s bid for an ability centre and pontoon access to the

River Thames for £490K