Saturday, 26 February 2011

Press Announcement for Opening on Monday 28 February

The Camberwell Baths Campaign are delighted to welcome the re opening of the swimming pool at Camberwell Leisure Centre on Monday 28 February.

After a four year campaign, the first stage of the refurbishment of the Leisure Centre is now complete. We would like to pay tribute to the cross party support for the project, and the key roles played by our local Labour MP Harriet Harman, as well as Conservative Councillor Lewis Robinson. We are equally delighted to have received assurances from the Leader of the Council, Peter John, that the Council is ‘ confident that we will find the capital’ to complete the refurbishment of the Sports Hall.

We have asked the Council to clarify the date for the capital programme decision, which has been delayed from February, so that refurbishment of the Sports Hall can begin whilst the contractors are still on site, and so ensure that maximum savings are made.

The refurbishment of the Sports Hall , and completion of the gym and the Warwick Hall will provide the additional revenue streams necessary to ensure the future financial stability of the Centre

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Political Will: Brunswick Ward By Election

Political will is very important. If politicians want to make something happen, then they usually can. That's why we are asking candidates who are standing in the Brunswick Ward by election what they are willing to do for Camberwell Baths.

Time is important. The contractors are still on site, and if we can get the additional funding in the next 2 months, then considerable efficiencies can be achieved. If decisions on the capital programme are delayed (as they appear to have been from February 2011 to a currently unspecified date), then we will lose the window of opportunity to get the Sports Hall refurbished at the current price.

Specifically we are asking candidates whether they are committed to the following:

1) Carrying out complete refurbishment of the Sports Hall (£1.09m)

2) Bringing forward the capital programme decision so that refurbishment of the Sports Hall can begin whilst the contractors are still on site, and so ensure that maximum savings are made

3) Seeking third party funding to complete refurbishment

Sunday, 13 February 2011

By election implications

The resignation of John Friary, the Labour councillor for Brunswick Ward, has meant that a by election will take place on 10 March. A by election means that there is a period of 'purdah' where politicians of all parties cannot appear at any Council run event which may generate publicity for their campaign.

In the light of this, so that politicians can be present to make the speeches and appear in photographs, Southwark Council have decided to delay the official opening event, with Free Swimming, to Saturday 12 March.

This delay is disappointing to us. As a campaigning body, our focus is to ensure that Camberwell Baths is a financial success so that it does not get into the same spiral of lack of investment as before. Part of that means getting as many people as possible to use the facilities as soon as possible. We would have preferred to keep to the date of 5 March, but that's politics for you.

Equally disappointing is the delay on the decision on the Capital Programme, which has been shifted back from February 2011 to September 2011. The reasons for the delay are unclear.

We need £1.09m to complete the Sports Hall refurbishment this year. Peter John, Leader of the Council, indicated his strong support for the investment at our public meeting on 3 November.

Whether the money comes from his £2m Olympic Legacy Fund, or the Capital Programme, we will be keeping up the pressure and continue to campaign to get current Southwark councillors to take up the baton from the LibDem/Tory councillors, and to complete the refurbishment of Camberwell Baths.

Saturday, 12 February 2011

How the money stacked up

Here is the definitive breakdown of the money raised for Camberwell Baths, and where the money came from.

Free Swimming Capital Fund: £1,450,000: External Funding From Department of Culture Media and Sport - Camberwell received the largest grant nationally
Leisure Investment Fund: 1,500,000: Council Internal Contribution. Allocated from 12.3m Leisure Investment Programme
Leisure Investment Fund +: 500,000: Council Internal Contribution. Allocated from 12.3m Leisure Investment Programme
Youth Capital Fund: 579,000: External Funding allocated to Camberwell following Young People consultation.
Youth Funding +: 45,000: External Funding allocated to Camberwell following Young People consultation.
Cleaner Greener Safer: 52,000: Internal Council Funding
London Marathon Trust: 100,000: External Funding From London Marathon, Mayor of London
Southwark Council Leisure Facilities Capital Budget: 20,000: Internal Council Funding (Roger Pearson)
Southwark Council Property Services: 150,000: Internal Council Funding from Property Services
Leisure Investment Fund Refresh: 154,000: Internal Council funding following review of £12.3m
Playsport Facilities Fund: 50,000:Mayors Legacy Funding
S106: 100,000: S106 funding ( Planning Gain from local developments)

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Pool Opens on Monday 28 February!

Yes at last the pool will open to the public on Monday 28 February! It looks fantastic, and the 25m main pool has been fully refurbished and retiled, now with a separate learner pool, as well as new male, female and family wet-changing areas.

We have a new entrance foyer, reception and social area/café, all of which are wheelchair accessible.

Please let everyone know that Camberwell Baths are open for swimming, plus delicious coffee and cakes (you can go to the cafe without paying the entrance fee to swim).

We understand that there will be special swimming only membership deals whilst we wait for Warwick Hall, the new Gym, and new Youth Facilities to open later in the year. If you don't see them on the Fusion site (link below) , then call the new manager at Camberwell Baths. His name is Adrian Matthews

We will also continue the campaign to get funding for the Sports Hall, which needs about £1,097,806 for refurbishment, so watch this space.

There will be a Free Swimming day on March 12 which will be funded by Fusion.