Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Some updates on developments: Camberwell Youth Centre (CYC) The CYC is new to the leisure centre and is an area which has been entirely refurbished and dedicated for use by children and young people. A draft programme of activity is being planned and from today young people aged eight to 21 can take part in a short survey to tell Southwark what they want from the youth centre. They will then plan to incorporate some of the popular suggestions into the programme. Just click on this link and let Southwark@s Youth team know what you want https://forms.southwark.gov.uk/ShowForm.asp?fm_fid=840 The specific aim for the youth centre is to provide a safe, fun and welcoming environment creating learning opportunities and activities. CYC is not intended to be another venue to play football or just hang out, they will be providing a creative atmosphere for young minds to get involved in making music, creative art, and get advice and guidance on fitness and healthy living, training, jobs and work experience. The youth centre will provide varied and inventive, entertaining and educational workshops run by qualified youth workers and guest presenters with all activities fully supervised by the youth team. Sports Hall A new corridor from dry changing along the end of the sports hall and into the gym is now complete and self contained which means that when the sports hall is occupied its users won’t be distracted by customers visiting the gym. There are windows so customers could take a look at the activities going on in the sports hall. When you visit the centre you’ll see that the floor has been raised to enable the space to be a home for sports, exercise classes and a whole range of creative uses. Reflecting on the history of this beautiful Grade II Listed Building the team at Camberwell have been inspired to prepare an initial creative programme to include different types of dance for all ages and various times of the day. Warwick Hall In addition to the ceiling, the sensitively restored 200 square metre area will also have a new sprung floor, sound system, improved ventilation and air conditioning, and acoustic improvements to reduce noise breakout from the space. The exercise programme is expected to be published in December. Outside the centre Messrs Spalding and Cross (original architects and builders of Camberwell Baths) would be as proud as we are with the renovation work of the front of the building. Where required, window sashes have been replaced, the brick work repaired, cleaned and redecorated and we have even got the clock working again.

Thursday, 4 October 2012

I hope that you have noticed that the clock on Camberwell Baths is now working again after many years. We now have over 20,000 people using Camberwell Baths, which compares with 30,000 at Dulwich Baths. Once the new Sports Hall, Warwick Hall and Youth Centre open in January then we hope that even more people will be able to use the fantastic facilities. The contractors are on schedule, and due to complete their work on about 10 December and hand over to Fusion on that date. Now that the handover date is clear, Southwark Youth Services Team, led by PK, have been planning activity programmes for the Youth Centre for the New Year.