Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Youth Annexe at the Baths

Young adults’ club programme It has not been possible to open the Youth Annexe at the Baths because of ongoing work to the Olympic Hall and the Warwick Hall. However, we are hoping that it will be open in October, and there will be a seven-day programme of activities each week. The youth services team is busy working on a supervised programme of events for all local young people to become involved in. In September, the final touches will be made to the new youth annexe opening for young adults from eleven up to 25 year olds (core group from 13 to 19 years). Provisions have been made for direct access from Harvey Road, with use of multipurpose workshop areas, a cafe and breakout area and quick access through to the sports hall and Warwick Hall to bring young people and leisure activity closer together. There will be a range of opportunities on offer for young people including open access youth projects and specialist services such as volunteering and information, advice and guidance available. We will also be working closely with Fusion to develop opportunities for access to the leisure centre.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

May news

Don't be alarmed when you see scaffolding going up outside CamberwellBaths. It's‘face-lift’. Funds have been secured to enable the front of the building to be repaired, cleaned and redecorated. The window sashes will be inspected and replaced where required, as will any broken windows. The best news of all is that the clock is to be inspected to see if we can get it working again. The scaffolding will be in place for approximately two months and the Baths will be open as usual. Olympic Hall and Warwick Hall During July construction is expected to start on redeveloping the sports hall ( Olympic) and Warwick Hall. The sports hall will have a new glazed roof light, audio visual system and will be air conditioned. As soon as we have the new floor plan to share with you it will be displayed in the cafe along with the list of games which could be played when the hall floor is levelled. Warwick Hall is also being transformed. The old ceiling is being removed to expose the beautiful Victorian roof structure allowing the classes to enjoy lots of natural daylight. The old floor is being replaced with a new sprung sports floor and the studio will be air conditioned. The area will also have improved acoustic treatment and a full audio visual system.