Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Update on the Refurbishment of Camberwell Baths

Some topline information for those of you who couldn't make the Public Meeting on 30 April.
The secured finance package is as follows:

  • Southwark Council £1.5 million
  •  Free Swimming £1.45 million
  •  Youth Capital Fund £ 0.5 million
  • Heritage Lottery Fund £ 0.5 million
  • S106 and Other Grants £ 0.5 million
We have been assured that this money has definitely been allocated to Camberwell Baths, and will not be redirected. The Free Swimming Capital money has to be spent this financial year, and so work on the wet side (that's the swimming pool and changing rooms) will begin in October (see below for programme timings). We also understand that our application for £25K Cleaner, Greener money to improve the street scene in front of the Baths has also just been approved.

The development is a phased programme, which is as follows:
Phase 1
• Free Swimming Capital Fund
• Supporting Facilities
Phase 2
• Youth Capital Fund
Phase 3
• Heritage Restoration
Phase 4
• Further Developments

The timetable of work is below, and the pool will be shut between October 2009 and June 2010.

April 09 – May 09 Detailed Design Work
May 09 – Aug 09 Planning Applications RIBA Stages E-H
Aug 09 – Sept 09 Mobilise Contractors
Oct 09 Works begin
Oct 09 – Jun 10 Wet-side Development
Jan 10 – Sept 10 Supporting & Youth Facilities
Sept 10 – Nov 10 Heritage and Further Options

I understand that Southwark will be posting updates on the link below, so it's worth noting the address if you want to follow progress, or contact the officers directly.

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