Thursday, 4 October 2012

I hope that you have noticed that the clock on Camberwell Baths is now working again after many years. We now have over 20,000 people using Camberwell Baths, which compares with 30,000 at Dulwich Baths. Once the new Sports Hall, Warwick Hall and Youth Centre open in January then we hope that even more people will be able to use the fantastic facilities. The contractors are on schedule, and due to complete their work on about 10 December and hand over to Fusion on that date. Now that the handover date is clear, Southwark Youth Services Team, led by PK, have been planning activity programmes for the Youth Centre for the New Year.

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Donald said...

Does the Camberwell Baths Campaign exist? Does any Friends of the Baths exist as a vehicle for comment to the Council or to Fusion on the baths? I tried emailing Fusion and got no response.