Saturday, 26 February 2011

Press Announcement for Opening on Monday 28 February

The Camberwell Baths Campaign are delighted to welcome the re opening of the swimming pool at Camberwell Leisure Centre on Monday 28 February.

After a four year campaign, the first stage of the refurbishment of the Leisure Centre is now complete. We would like to pay tribute to the cross party support for the project, and the key roles played by our local Labour MP Harriet Harman, as well as Conservative Councillor Lewis Robinson. We are equally delighted to have received assurances from the Leader of the Council, Peter John, that the Council is ‘ confident that we will find the capital’ to complete the refurbishment of the Sports Hall.

We have asked the Council to clarify the date for the capital programme decision, which has been delayed from February, so that refurbishment of the Sports Hall can begin whilst the contractors are still on site, and so ensure that maximum savings are made.

The refurbishment of the Sports Hall , and completion of the gym and the Warwick Hall will provide the additional revenue streams necessary to ensure the future financial stability of the Centre

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