Saturday, 19 February 2011

Political Will: Brunswick Ward By Election

Political will is very important. If politicians want to make something happen, then they usually can. That's why we are asking candidates who are standing in the Brunswick Ward by election what they are willing to do for Camberwell Baths.

Time is important. The contractors are still on site, and if we can get the additional funding in the next 2 months, then considerable efficiencies can be achieved. If decisions on the capital programme are delayed (as they appear to have been from February 2011 to a currently unspecified date), then we will lose the window of opportunity to get the Sports Hall refurbished at the current price.

Specifically we are asking candidates whether they are committed to the following:

1) Carrying out complete refurbishment of the Sports Hall (£1.09m)

2) Bringing forward the capital programme decision so that refurbishment of the Sports Hall can begin whilst the contractors are still on site, and so ensure that maximum savings are made

3) Seeking third party funding to complete refurbishment

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